D8acon Pre-conference & Marketing

I was involved in designing the brand identity of a Data Science & Artificial Intelligence based company D8acon. From logo to website to it’s 1st conference, different elements were developed. In addition to that, we designed marketing campaign and engaging content for the company’s social media platforms. We succeeded in organising the very first DS & AI pre-conference in Islamabad where enthusiasts and professionals gathered consequently sharing their imperative experience.

Pre-conference Highlights

Catch a glimpse of first preconference, which happened at KNCT. Ali Zia Khan gave a talk on Mathematics of Data Science & AI followed by a networking session over tea and refreshments.

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Graphics For Social Media Marketing

Take a peek inside the carousal advertisement





Marketing Strategy

Firstly, a marketing plan was devised and the campaign was marked on calender.


Moreover, content was then given a visual perspective and posted on social media.


Afterwards, content was written for all the planned posts in the upcoming week.

Landing Page

Finally, upto 200 coverted audience was landed on google forms and signed up for the pre-conference.

Banners and GrAphics

Some Graphics for Social Media Marketing

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